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Phone: 248.895.0880 251 Ravineside Drive Suite 300 Milford, MI 48381-2865
TELESIS GROUP! Computer Network Sciences

Providing computer network solutions for over 15 years, Telesis Group is the leader in network integration among local area, wide-area, and vehicle networks.

Our client list includes HP/EDS, CoSine Communications, emphiSource, WellPoint Health Care, BCBS of California, General Motors and GM of Canada, Ford Motor Company, and SAE, among others.

We integrate information among varying technologies from cellular, satellite, GPS, wide area network services to LAN services including Ethernet, Zigbee, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, WiMax and Vehicle Networks, J1939/CAN, J1598/J1708, CanBus, MOST, FlexRay, RP1210, and many more!

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